The Easy Process of Applying for a Canadian eTA

The Easy Process of Applying for a Canadian eTA

Before you can cross into Canada, you need to be aware of a few things relating to visas, your health, and driving. So what are they?

The ease to get a Canadian visa depends on your nationality, but on the average, it is easy to get a visa to Canada. This is because the country's requirements for entry feature an online application portal. So just like many other countries, Canada utilizes an eTA to manage visa requirements.

As long as you have your passport and an email address, you can go ahead to apply for your eTA online. This option makes it so much easier to apply for your eTA than going to the embassy or consulate to get it.

The application process requires you to provide your personal info as well as the one in your passport. Once your application has been approved, your visa will get to you by email. If you're coming into Canada by air, even if you're coming from the US, you must present your approved eTA before you can be allowed entry.

Only about 60 countries can use the eTA

There are about 60 countries that are allowed to enter Canada using the eTA system. The system lets you apply to stay for up to 6 months. In a case where you'd like to stay for longer in the country, then you have to apply for an extension. You must, however, apply for the extension at least 30 days before your current eTA expires.

If by your nationality, you're not eligible to use the eTA, then you must send in your application by going to the embassy or consulate.

To enter Canada, you must have a valid ID on you every time.

As a foreigner in Canada, you must set up your health insurance and a medical evacuation cover, if possible. Canada's world-class healthcare system is, however, mostly free for its citizens.

Finally, Canada uses kilometers per hour to represent distance. If you're already used to reading it in miles per hour, then you must give your time to learning their translations.

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