Quebec EOI: First Invitations through Expression of Interest Expected Soon

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Quebec EOI: First Invitations through Expression of Interest Expected Soon

According to the Immigration Minister for the province, the candidates for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program who registered an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Arrima portal will be issued first invitations by the province.

The introduction of this online portal Arrima was for the management of the candidates for the Skilled workers Immigration Program in Quebec and also to receive the EOIs to the program.

An EOI notifies the Immigration ministry in the province of the candidate’s interest in the Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC or CSQ in French).

Since the launch of the Arrima portal last September, about 100,000 persons have shown EOI.

The previous approach which was based on a first-come-first-serve basis used for the acceptance of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program applications was replaced by the EOI-based online system. Under this new system, a profile is created by the candidates in Arrima and scores are awarded them based on their age, work experience, area of training, proficiency in French and education. Invitations for the applications for CSQ is given to candidates based on their scores or other relevant factors like shortage of Labour in the outlying regions in the province.

Those who have received a CSQ are then permitted to apply for Canada’s permanent residence via the federal Immigration Ministry, where their criminal and medical admissibility will be verified.

According to Joplin-Barrette, the Immigration Minister for the province, under the new system, the applications received will be matched to the Labour needs of the province and eventually, the processing time for the applications will be reduced to 6 months.

The first invitations will be issued specifically to:

  • Candidates who under the QSWP applied for a selection certificate and were temporarily residing at Quebec at that time.
  • Candidates who as of 16 June 2019 were in the province and had applied for the selection certificate in the QSWP.
  • Candidates who have a valid job offer from an employer in the province.

Employer Access to Arrima

A new feature has been installed in the portal by the Immigration ministry in Quebec, and it is to be launched in February 2020.

With this feature, employers will have access to the list of prospective candidates who meet their needs. Employers will contact individuals for job offers directly through the portal so that the Immigration process will be initiated.

According to Jolin-Barrette, updating the Arrima portal is a way that the Quebec government will use to address the shortage of Labour in the province’s regions.

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