Canada Announces Support for Language Minority Communities in Manitoba

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Canada Announces Support for Language Minority Communities in Manitoba

There will be additional Funding towards tourism opportunities and also to serve local community using French as its first language. Tourism is a comprehensive sector that shows Canadian natural beauty, culture, diversity, and unique experiences to the people all over the world. 

Canada investments

Canada has two official languages which denote its history and identity. The Government is also investing to make the Francophone communities vibrant and also to improve the business and assets of the tourism sector.

 Dan Vandal, a Parliamentary Secretary made an announcement regarding funding of $862,000 in four prominent projects. The aim here is to enhance tourism opportunities in Manitoba and to add to the vitality of the Francophone communities in the province.

The investments will be made through the Canadian Experiences Fund which has the aim of supporting the formation, development, and overall enhancement of tourism facilities, products, and also the experiences. The second organization is the Economic Development Initiative, which has the aim of supporting businesses of small/medium size in official language minority communities and also the development of fresh expertise by using innovation, broad diversification, and unique partnerships.

Canadian economy gets a boost

The share of Forks Renewal Corporation will be $182,000 in this funding for developing the signage of way finding and storytelling in French, English, and native languages for attracting many visitors through the Taché Loop.

Futures Development Corporation Inc. of the North Central Community will get a share of $150,000 in CEF funding for developing the snowmobile tourism in Manitoba.

Le Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba will get a share of $280,000 in CEF funding for developing the Métis and Francophone tourism in Manitoba.

Festival du Voyageur Inc. will get a share of $250,000 in EDI funding for supporting the expansion plans of Winnipeg based Festival du Voyageur.

These investments will help the Canadians and its visitors to experience linguistic diversity of Manitoba and also to explore exclusive destinations and enriching events, apart from the tourism opportunities in winter.

New tourism strategy in Canada

This announcement is in support of the new tourism strategy of the Government of Canada which has the goal of creating many Middle Class Jobs. It is a Growth Strategy to develop Federal Tourism, arrived by considering the feedback of Canadians apart from the work of the Advisory Council with a focus on Jobs and the Visitor Economy. The strategy emphasizes the importance of tourism sector as it drives the economy for communities in the country.

Navdeep Bains, Innovation, and Science Minister Canada stated that the process of Innovation was not only happening in big cities; but also in all Canadian regions. The agencies entrusted with regional development play a significant role to help businesses in turning innovation towards economic growth and provide good jobs for the people. The Economic Development Initiative and Canadian Experiences Fund, help the government to invest in the growth of tourism sector and also for enhancing the economic potential of energetic communities. 

Boost for investments

Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie stated that the investments enable businesses and communities of all regions to develop tourism products and provide rich experiences for attracting more tourists all through the year. This will also help the big and small communities to reap the benefits of boom in the global tourism for diversifying the economies and also in creating jobs for middle-class families. Additionally, these, highlight the Canadian brand based on shared diversity and equality.

The investments aim to help Manitoba in enriching its cultural heritage and will create opportunities to show the strengths of the province to world.

Growth in power capacity and distribution

The funds will help many organizations to grow and become sustainable financially. There will be a growth in total capacity and improvements in the sectors of power capacity and distribution and also in installations. This will also promote enthusiasm and fulfill our mandate of extending the reach of French culture and language.

 Tourism has a share of 2 percent in the gross domestic product of Canada. It   supports 1.8 million jobs in Canada.

The Regional development agencies, as well as Industrial Research Assistance Program, along with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Strategic Innovation Fund, are  four flagship platforms of Canada which support innovation in a big way.

Canada has six regional development agencies to support its economic development in all regions of Canada. In 2016, there were 10.6 million visitors in Manitoba.

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