89,800 Candidates Received Canada PR in 2018 through Express Entry

89,800 Candidates Received Canada PR in 2018 through Express Entry

The immigrants' number who were given Canada PR by Express Entry has been on the rise ever since the Express Entry system attained into existence in the year 2015. Now, the complete year-end report published by the Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals that the number of individuals who obtained Canada PR through Federal Express Entry reached an all-time high in 2018.

Age Factor Importance for Canada PR

Higher than half of those who obtained Invitations to Appeal (ITAs) in the Federal Express Entry belongs to the age group of 20-29. It is the age category that obtains the maximum points below the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Federal Express Entry applicants with a spouse in the 20-29 age category will get 100 CRS points while those without a spouse will get 110 points.

Educational Credentials

Ninety percent of the applicants who obtained ITAs in Express Entry 2018 had education post-secondary level. Applicants with a qualification post-secondary level get CRS scores within 84 and 150. So it is an extra crucial factor that determines the Express Entry application success. At the meantime, Canadian education was a regular factor that encouraged many applicants to earn some extra CRS score points in the Federal Express Entry 2018.

Employment Offer

Almost 50 percent of the applicants did not claim any extra CRS points last year. Only 10% of the applicants claimed points for an arranged job. It reveals that job offer is not a major requirement to get ITA by Express Entry.

Canadian Citizenship

According to the year-end report of Express Entry for 2018, the most common nation of Citizenship among those accepted was India. Indians composed 43% of those who obtained Canada PR in 2018. Nigeria in the second with 7% of candidates accompanied by China with 6%.

The number of applicants who obtained Canada PR by Express Entry was 89,800 in 2018, related to 65,423 in 2017.

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