Australian Working Holiday Visa Holders Have A 20 Percent Increase

Australia released Immigration figures last week that show a major increase in working backpackers. This is a result of governmental changes to the visa program for working holiday and a worldwide tourism campaign to entice European workers towards regional areas.

The success story

Agricultural businesses in Regional areas are now benefiting as there is 20 percent boost in the number of holiday makers that support regional areas in a big way.  Under this Visa program, 43,219 visas were granted for second-year in the last financial year that is more by 7000 in comparison to the previous year.

These young people pick crops, milk cows, shear sheep and support the tourism of regional Australia, as per David Coleman, Minister for Immigration, Australia.

The increasing success of the WHV program in Australia is partly attributed to the campaign launched by Australian government worth $7.5 million by using Tourism Australia in this year. The aim is to attract more holiday makers from as many places like Germany, the UK, France and Italy.

Australia is an Attractive Destination

The campaign, going by the name of Australia Inc., puts Australia as an attractive working holiday destination in the world, and also offers stimulating opportunities to work in one of the best workplaces in the world.

The campaign depicts various iconic Australian landscapes deserts, boats on the reef and much more. Moreover, it demonstrates how working holidays in Australia can offer a difference and richest of experiences to the young people, equipping them with confidence and skills necessary for developing successful careers back home after they work in holiday in Australia.

Some jobs in the far off regions of Australia are not filled up by local workers, and the regional businesses depend on the immigrants for filling these roles. Starting with January, visa holders of the second-year can apply for continuity in the third year Holiday Visa when they do six months additional specific work, in the regional areas, in the second year.

A Fresh Option

This fresh option will encourage more travelers in spending additional time in working in these areas. Additionally this option will simplify the pressure carried by backpackers but will largely benefit the farmers. Simon Birmingham Minister for Trade, and Tourism stated that the WH makers add $3 billion in the economy every year, and a big share is spent in the regional areas. These holiday makers also generally stay for a long period, besides spending more money in the country and travel deep into the regional areas than other visitors. Also there is a concern regarding the treatment of global workers in Australia entering on the WHV. As per a report of the University of Technology in Sydney in November 2018, one third among the global workers had earnings of $12 per hour that is approximately 50% of the minimum wage.

Attending the Anomalies

Also there were underpayments, in fruit and vegetable-picking and 15 percent workers earned $5 per hour. The Australian government is holding Talks currently with 13 countries to permit citizens to submit the applications and obtain the working holiday visas, adding to the 44 countries already dealing with the issue.

These countries are Brazil, Andorra, Croatia, India, Fiji, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Mongolia, Monaco, Philippines, Switzerland and Solomon Islands. The immigration department in Australia has emphasized that all the workers arriving in Australia should get the cover of equal rights and protection at work, not considering their citizenship/visa status. Finally, all employers have to pay the correct wages as per law, and also offer a safe workplace.

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